Sunday, 20 March 2011

raziel soulreaver

pencil painted in ps
soon to be posted on


pencil sketch soon to be painted over

evil clown graffitti

prelim for a big assed piece of graffiti im gona be knocking out asap

chaingun chimp page

a splash page from a new self published comic im working on. still a fair bit of work to do on this, but its getting there

diesel punk robot

finished pic, pencils painted in ps.
featured on this fine art blog:

robot prelim

messy prelim for a robot, drawn when i should have been workinh, ha ha

desecration goblin

more fleshed out quick painting of the goblin below 

goblin design

some messy designs for a goblin character who may feature in an upcoming film i have cowritten.

judge death and slough feg

pencils painted in ps for a 2000ad message board art comp

shakara vs nemesis

yet more 2000ad fan art


big ugly ork

zombo fan art

more 2000ad fan stuff

2000ad fan art

quick 2000ad fan art for a game posted on the message boards

Alternative Ink Tattoos live art day 2010

unfinished :-( chimp painting, mostly tipex and fat markers

Alternative Ink Tattoos live art day

me doing some work at Alternative ink's live art day in october 2010

life after vinyl stripper monkey

quick painting on vinyl for the life after vinyl Exhibition

more stickers

more stickers

sticker sheet

some stickers, can be found around belfast

ally bell zombie

same pic but with some colour

zombie ally bell

zombie pic done for a friends birthday

Thursday, 17 March 2011

spandex liberty

wee piece of art for the spandex face book page.
not too keen on this early image but i do like the folds in the skirt